Hydrogen Water Machine Using 99.9% Pure Hydrogen Mix Into Water

Features Include

  • Anti-oxidant properties
  • High Concentration hydrogen
  • Smaller molecule cluster

Benefits of Pure Hydrogen Water
What is Hydrogen Rich Water

Hydrogen water can combine with harmful oxygen body and turn into “water”, which later being excreted from the body. Human become old because human has been oxidized.

Functional water with strong antioxidant effacement

The smallest molecules can quickly penetrate the human body to reach vital organ and cells, where they neutralize free radicals to form water that is discharged from our bodies.

Product Basic Parameter

Hydrogen Water Machine

 Model  HW-1601
 DC Power Supply Input AC 100-240V 50/60Hz.
Output DC 24V,2.5A
 Power Consumption  30W
 Water Temperature 4-42°C
 Time to Produce Hydrogen Real Time : 10c per second
 Hydrogen Dissolved (ppb) up to 1,000 ppb
 Oxidation-reduction potential
 Less -500mV
Water Capacity8 Liters
Net Weight7kg
Product DimensionW320 x D324 x H510mm

The process of Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)
Why choose MoleculeTM Hydrogen Water System?

Save Energy
30W, low power consumption

Easy to Maintenance
Does not require any maintenance. Just make sure water tank are always clean.

Safe to Drink
Due to non-use of positive and negative hydrogen ions in the water. It will not produce any othe harmful substances

Clean Water
Dissolve hydrogen stock up 1,000ppb, oxidation-reduction potential(ORP) of up to -500mV

Pure Hydrogen Water
Patent exchange membrane technology can generate 99.9% hydrogen water

Long Lifetime
Capable of producing 135,000 liters of pure hydrogen water.